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A natural wonder with something for just everyone

Rio Celeste

You are thinking of a destination wedding and someone mentions Costa Rica. What images come to mind? “Costa what?” you ask?

When it comes to locations for destination weddings, the possibilities are endless. In this age of globalization, the world is full of exciting and exotic possibilities. However, few locales can compare with the hidden secret that is Costa Rica.

Saying “I do” in Costa Rica is as unforgettable as the day you make your vows. While foreigners have been visiting this small peaceful country in Central America for decades, drawing expatriates from North America and around the world, it is only in recent years that Costa Rica has become known as the place to tie the knot. Bridal magazines and others in the event planning industry, frequently rank Costa Rica as one of the top exotic locales to hold a destination wedding or honeymoon.

Looking for beautiful beaches? Check. White sand? Black sand? Check. Check. Volcanoes? Surfing? Great weather? Check. Check and check!

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Costa Rica’s biodiversity is a big draw for those looking for adventure, world class golf, hiking in the mountains, deep sea fishing and other water sports. For every experience that can be had in Costa Rica, there are accommodations to match. You can stay at a high end hotel in the city, an ecologically sound lodge in the rain forest, or a beachfront resort.


Top 3 Reasons to Choose Costa Rica for Your Destination Wedding

Budget-friendly: Destination weddings can cost less than a traditional wedding and in Costa Rica, one can save on reception and planning costs.

Great vacation spot for guests: Who doesn’t like to travel? Inviting guests to an exotic and affordable destination rather than to a stuffy and formal wedding can be a lot more appealing.

Little to no Family Drama: By choosing a destination wedding, the pressure is off to invite or not invite friends and relatives nor is there pressure to choose one venue over another. A destination wedding frees you and your future spouse to make your own decisions.

Pura Vida!costa rica-2

With its proximity to the US, plethora of activities, biodiversity, and warm and friendly locals, Costa Rica is an all in one package. Pura vida or “life is good” is the motto and it’s the life that awaits you in Costa Rica.

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If you still need one or more reasons to get married in Costa Rica, or to bring your family and guests to a place that will take your breath away and you will be totally enchanted with, then I invite you to watch the video put together by It’s an amazing short video that show you so many things to do in Pura Vida style, enjoy t!!!


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