Getting Married in Costa Rica

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Getting married in Costa Rica is as easy as you can imagine, and it does not require a lot of formalities. Following you will find the requirements of the procedure for tying the knot in Pura Vida land:

Valid passport. For some nationalities a visa is required. Official marital status of the Bride and Groom; if any of the party are divorced or widowed, officiator will need as well originals and copies of Divorce decree or death certificate, the lawyer will keep the copies but need to see originals in order to certify them. Embassy or Consulate certification is unnecessary.costa rica-3

We’ll need some basic information about the couple and both witnesses, such as:

  -Full name
  -Exact address in Country of residence
  -Parent’s names (with mother’s maiden name), of Bride and Groom
  -Marital status
  -Age, date and place of birth. 
  -Passport number

With the above information, the lawyer will immediately get to work create the necessary  documents to process your marriage certificate once the ceremony has taken place:

  –Act of Marriage, which will be signed by the couple, both witnesses and Lawyer on the day of the ceremony.
  –Two Affidavits, where the couple make a sworn statement about their general information, such as place of birth, marital status, parent’s names, etc. These can be signed at any time before the ceremony itself.
  –Certification and translation as Notary Public of all copies of passports.
  –Certification and translations as Notary Public of Birth Certificates or Divorce Decrees or Death Certificates.

In Costa Rica all registration procedures, such as marriages take approximately 2 1/2 to 3 months.
Once the  marriage certificate is ready from the National Register of Costa Rica, the lawyer  will proceed to do the following:

  –Obtain the authentication of the Secretary of Civil Registry on the Certificate.
  –Have it translated from Spanish to English through an Official Translator, who will be duly appointed by The Department of Foreign Affairs here in Costa Rica.
  –Then both signature of Secretary and Translator have to be certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
  –Finally, get the Certification from Notaries at the Embassy of your country here in Costa Rica. Your marriage Certificate is ready to be sent and it would be fully valid in your country.

Major courier services are available in order to receive your documents on a expedited way and securely.

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